Sweet Baby Sadie! She was just oh so tiny I couldn't hardly believe it. I've photographed some BIG babies. But Sadie was so tiny my wraps wrapped around her 3x more than normal! Sadie was sleeping with her eyes slightly open and it was seriously making me laugh so hard. My husband does that, but its a little creepier on a man than it is a cute squishy baby ;)

I have to say, Im a little jealous that this sweet family got to name their daughter Sadie. When I married my husband I said we HAVE to name a kid Sadie! Or at the very least, a dog! Cause, Sadie Hawkins... Get it? 

WELL.. I married a guy who despises anything cheesy. So.. no Sadies in our near future. Oh well, I loved getting to hug on this precious, delicate little miss! 




I adore this couple for a few reasons. One- they are Younglife people. And I love love love Younglife people! Younglife had an incredible impact on my life in high school and long after so naturally, I have a special place in my heart for people who devote all their time to it. 

Someone who spends all their time loving and pouring into young people is who I want to be around. Sara Clarke is that kind of girl. So genuine and loving. I've only spent a few hours with her and even still her love for Jesus and people is so evident. 

Watching her man love her and make her laugh was such a beautiful thing to document. I told them to hug and the way she sunk so perfectly into his chest.... It was just. everything. 

Our session was cut short by a pretty intense raging storm. Which you will see in the images. By the end of the session is practically pitch black out. I was worried about those images but there are some where the focus is off and the grain is insane but I LOVE the way they turned out. They look like a scene from a movie!

Enjoy one of the worlds sweetest engagement sessions and hurry up OCTOBER! <3 <3 <3 

Meet me at the HALLter

I've never met two people more ready to start their forever than HG (Hannah Grace, but her people call her HG and I think it's so cute) and Adam.

 Their love is fierce and deep.

HG was crying during a portion of our portrait time. It was a random time to be crying so I wasn't sure if I should be concerned. So I asked her if everything was okay and she replied "Yes! Im just taking it all in." Yeah. I died. The day was that beautiful and their excitement was that strong. You'll see in SO many of these images how overwhelmed with emotion they both were. It was a beautiful thing to capture.

HG and Adam had a husband and wife duo perform their ceremony (hello, like how cool?) The wife half of this duo mentioned that Marriage was the first human relationship formed at the beginning of time. Of all the beautiful and majestic creations, marriage is what brought everything to completion. What a sacred thing we get to be a part of. No wonder it touches you to the core of your being. Adam and HG truly get it. They know know how to love and to love well. This was their day to be loved back by their village of people, by each other, and by God. 

They waited for this day and it was stunning in every way. 


Event Coordinator: Toast Events

Florals: Rose & Vine Florals

Photography: Kelsey Hawkins Photography

Second Photographer under Kelsey Hawkins Photography: Seth Farmer

Lindsey & Jonathan | Engagement Session

Linds and Jonathan were literally among the first people we met when we were discussing moving to Jackson. The Pastor for the church we were interviewing for (where we now work) basically forced them to take us out to lunch. Im so glad he did. One of my most prized friendships started with an awkward lunch of steak and shake cheese fries. 

Lindsey and Jonathan have waited years (like 6 or 7 to be exact) for their turn to be one. To start the rest of their lives together. And I couldn't believe that Linds asked me to capture it all. Love these dear friends of mine!

Their engagement session was to. die. for. Literally so dreamy and so romantic! Enjoy! :)


Sweet Caroline... bumb bumb bummmmbbbbb

Introducing Caroline McHale! The sweetest little babe. I had the privilege to witness her tiny little frame enter the world and hear her first cries outside the womb. It was an experience that made me cry during and the entire way home. The McHales suffered a loss last year that made this time a little sweeter and a little harder. Caroline's big sister, Margaret, passed in the womb during the third trimester. I know this past year was difficult in ways a lot of us will never understand. But the strength and courage I saw in Mary Alice's eyes while birthing Caroline was a fierceness i'll never forget. She was going to safely give birth to her baby and she wasn't about to let fear take over. Thank you, McHales for letting me join on this sacred and beautiful journey with you through photographs. Documenting this time in your life touched my soul in the deepest way. Take a look at Caroline's hospital session and newborn session!