I adore this couple for a few reasons. One- they are Younglife people. And I love love love Younglife people! Younglife had an incredible impact on my life in high school and long after so naturally, I have a special place in my heart for people who devote all their time to it. 

Someone who spends all their time loving and pouring into young people is who I want to be around. Sara Clarke is that kind of girl. So genuine and loving. I've only spent a few hours with her and even still her love for Jesus and people is so evident. 

Watching her man love her and make her laugh was such a beautiful thing to document. I told them to hug and the way she sunk so perfectly into his chest.... It was just. everything. 

Our session was cut short by a pretty intense raging storm. Which you will see in the images. By the end of the session is practically pitch black out. I was worried about those images but there are some where the focus is off and the grain is insane but I LOVE the way they turned out. They look like a scene from a movie!

Enjoy one of the worlds sweetest engagement sessions and hurry up OCTOBER! <3 <3 <3