Sweet Baby Sadie! She was just oh so tiny I couldn't hardly believe it. I've photographed some BIG babies. But Sadie was so tiny my wraps wrapped around her 3x more than normal! Sadie was sleeping with her eyes slightly open and it was seriously making me laugh so hard. My husband does that, but its a little creepier on a man than it is a cute squishy baby ;)

I have to say, Im a little jealous that this sweet family got to name their daughter Sadie. When I married my husband I said we HAVE to name a kid Sadie! Or at the very least, a dog! Cause, Sadie Hawkins... Get it? 

WELL.. I married a guy who despises anything cheesy. So.. no Sadies in our near future. Oh well, I loved getting to hug on this precious, delicate little miss!