Sweet Caroline... bumb bumb bummmmbbbbb

Introducing Caroline McHale! The sweetest little babe. I had the privilege to witness her tiny little frame enter the world and hear her first cries outside the womb. It was an experience that made me cry during and the entire way home. The McHales suffered a loss last year that made this time a little sweeter and a little harder. Caroline's big sister, Margaret, passed in the womb during the third trimester. I know this past year was difficult in ways a lot of us will never understand. But the strength and courage I saw in Mary Alice's eyes while birthing Caroline was a fierceness i'll never forget. She was going to safely give birth to her baby and she wasn't about to let fear take over. Thank you, McHales for letting me join on this sacred and beautiful journey with you through photographs. Documenting this time in your life touched my soul in the deepest way. Take a look at Caroline's hospital session and newborn session!